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Medical services provided at the Academy of Studies The Economics of Bucharest is GENERAL MEDICINE andDENTISTRY.

The two cabinets are operating Moxa parterre floor – Mihail Moxa street no. 11.

– STUDENT HOUSE D –, with the program Monday to Friday,from the hours: 8:00-19:00, with 3 medics; 5 nurses and 4 doctors; 3 nurses. Medical cabinet is in the structure Emergency University Hospital. Phone: 021.319.19.00, interior 541.

The two cabinets carry out individual medical services, but also at the level of the collectivities, while at the same time there are attributions regarding the curative assistance, by giving first aid to the students, to the administrative staff and to the teaching staff. Examine, treats and Medical supervision sick students, provides medical consultations at the request of the students, but also prescribe medication.

For more information, visit the sitegeneral practice and dentistry.