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Bachelor program (anul II şi anul III): 1500 lei/semester
Bachelor program (anul I): 1750 lei/semester
Bachelor program (programe ID şi IFR): 1600 lei/semester
master Year I: 2500 lei/semester
master Year II: 2250 lei/semester
PhD (anul I): 6500 lei/year
PhD (anul II): 5500 lei/year
PhD (anul III): 4500 lei/year
Reprogramming exam: 75 lei/evaluation
Finalization exam: 625 lei

Ways to pay the tax

The tuition fee can be paid through:

1. BCR Card issued by AES 
2. Cashiers AES 
3. Cash at all counters BRD, card BRD, internet banking BRD (BRD net) 
4. Payment order in account RO59BRDE445SV36571854450 – open to BRD Agency, fiscal code 4433775 beneficiary AES

Tax can be paid if a contract has been concluded providing services between the company and AES in the bank account nr. RO77TREZ701504601X000416, open to State Treasury, sector I, fiscal code 4433775, beneficiary: Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. Specify the father’s first, last name and father’s form (and for ladies absolutely to pass the name with which they are enrolled in college),
description of payment
(school tuition fee, masters, doctorate, semester).
In this case the students will submit to the AES financial servicepayment order.

Payroll fees made through open accounts to various banks are taken into account only after the actual entry of the money into the AES account.


Studentswhose tuition fee is borne by a company and who want the tax invoice for settlement must conclude a service contract between the company and AES. The model of the contract can be obtained from theLegal Office, located at room M04, the Ion Angelescu Building.

More information about fees and charges.