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THE STUDENT COUNCIL is composed of all the students representing the series in each year of study of the undergraduate and masters programs, and has the following tasks:

  • maintaining direct and constant contact with college student faculty to know the situations they face;
  • consulting faculty students before initiating various proposals and participating in decision-making on them;
  • taking into account the comments received from student students and faculty colleagues as well as comments, suggestions and personal suggestions;
  • maintaining contact with teachers and administrative staff (secretariat) dealing with the series they represent;
  • consulting the team of the series it represents, teaching the majority of the teaching staff and engaging in the programming of the evidence of the examinations and exams;
  • involvement in the process of evaluating six-yearly teachers who have been active in the study groups and faculties within the faculty;
  • involvement in organizing the process of choosing the students’ representatives at the level of faculty groups and faculties;
  • making proposals on the projects that could be developed byUSASE;
  • giving the required opinions on how to work in different waysSpecialty committees and Clubs of USASE;
  • validation of student candidates ‘candidacies for participation in the elections for the appointment of students’ representatives inFaculty Council.

EveryStudent Council has one Permanent Office, composed of members students ofFaculty Council. Permanent Officesof the Student Councils have as attributions:

  • active participation in the meetings of the Faculty Council and presentation of the comments received from the faculty students as well as comments, suggestions and personal proposals;
  • appointing the representatives in the admission committees for the bachelor’s, master’s programs and the committee for organizing the bachelor’s exam;
  • the appointment of representatives in grant boards, the Committee on the distribution of camp tickets provided by the relevant ministry, and any other commissions set up at the faculty level of students’ representatives;
  • organization of the election at group, series, year and faculty level;
  • validation of student candidates ‘candidacies for participation in the elections for the appointment of students’ representatives inUniversity Senate;
  • involvement in organizing and conducting the six-month academic evaluation process;
  • nomination of students representatives in the board;
  • involvement in the organization of the conference faculty, the opening ceremony of the academic year, meetings with the representatives of the faculty management, the balls of freshmen, as well as other academic, cultural, economic and social events.