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Constituted in 1971, within the ASE Bucharest, the Marketing Department is today an integral part of the Marketing Faculty . Over the last four decades of existence, the Marketing Department has developed and gained valuable experience and recognition in the university and business environment of our country.
The first marketing course  in Romania has been included in the A.S.E. Bucharest in the academic year 1971/1972. This event was premiere  for both our country and Southeast Europe.

Organizational landmarks

The emergence and evolution of the Marketing Department has been driven by the company’s need to know the economic and social environment, anticipate  and respond  and the actual and potential customers’ expectations , ensuring maximizing the organization’s profit  and achieving other goals.

The existence of the Marketing Department was marked by administrative and organizational changes&#;, mutations that reflected the place and role of marketing  in Romanian society, universities and businesses, as well as the Romanian socio-political context.

A retrospective look at the administrative-organizational evolution of the Marketing Department allows to highlight the following moments:

Anul 1971. Establishment of the Marketing Department as part of the Faculty of Commerce.

Anul 1973. Department of marketing and Department of Internal Market Economics  merges, resulting in a new entity, Commerce-Marketing Cates .

Year 1985.  In the context of reducing the number of chairs in the ASE, Commerce-Marketing Department  and Merceology Chair  merge. The Hybrid Commerce and Merceology Hybrid Department is being set up, with the Marketing Team .

Year 1990.  The process of setting up and operating ESA chairs is being reconsidered. It is thus possible to restore the Marketing Department and to regain its significant position in the Romanian economic higher education.

Year 2003.  The Marketing Department becomes the core around which it is created
Faculty of marketing, from ASE Bucharest.


The evolution of the Marketing Department has been marked by managerial initiatives, the teaching and scientific contributions of prestigious department heads and university professors. Also, throughachievements in marketing, of all its members, the Department has played a major role in the development of the Romanian marketing school.

In the direction of the Marketing Department, the following renowned specialists in the field of marketing have succeeded:

University professor Constantin Florescu

His destiny was linked to that of the Marketing Department, beginning with the establishment in 1971. The reputed professor was head of the department between 1971-1983 and 1990- 1995.

Mentor of the many generations of students who graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, prof. Dr. Constantin Florescu was also the one who created and developed the team of the Marketing Department, who contributed to the training as marketing specialists of the young teachers who joined the chair during the period 1990-1995.

Under its close coordination, marketing specialization has been developed within the curriculum for students in ASE Bucharest. New disciplines focused on specialized areas of marketing have been introduced.

Reputed dascal with an unrivaled rigor and analytical capacity, prof. Dr. Constantin Florescu was awarded twice with prizes by the Romanian Academy. Thus, along with the other members of the college of authors, Professor Florescu accepted the “Romanian Virgil Madgearu” Prize for the work entitled “Marketing” (published by Marketer in 1992), coordinated and attended by members of the department’s staff.

Omagiem and this way, the man and Professor Constantin Florescu, the one who set the foundations of the Romanian school of marketing, a remarkable personality, who will always remain alive in the memories that have closely attracted the ASE’s graduates.

Professor Virgil Balaure 

In 1995, under the leadership of the Marketing Department, prof. Dr. Virgil Balaure. His contribution to the development of the chair materialized both in didactic and scientific terms during the period 1995-2004.

One of the most important initiatives Dr. Virgil Balaure is creating the Bibliotecade Marketing , a result of the partnership between the Marketing Department and the Uranus Publishing House . This marketing discipline, starting with 2001, deals with marketing and specialized areas: business-to-business marketing, marketing research, consumer behavior, communication in marketing, sales force management, logistics, agro-food marketing, direct marketing, , marketing of services, social-political marketing, strategic marketing, marketing and communication in sports, marketing information systems.

At the same time, prof. Dr. Virgil Balaure assisted in creating the master programMarketing and Business CommunicationOpportunity and the usefulness of this approach have been confirmed by the large number of master students who have attended this program since the academic year 2000/2001. Between 2002 and 2004, the program registered 471 graduates.

Another major contribution to the development of marketing education is the initiation of the creation of the Marketing Faculty, within the Academy of Economic Studies, based on the experience and achievements of the Marketing Department. Distinctive field of activity of organizations, integrating function of the enterprise and in relation to the dynamic environment of the market, marketing thus gained a distinct status and in the higher economic education.

Between 1989 and 1990, the team of marketing specialists from the Department of Merchandising Commerce undertook the activity under the leadership of the Ph.D. professor Vasile Mericioiu.

Since 2004 , The Head of Marketing is Doctor Professor Razvan Zaharia .

Din The Marketing Department teamare professors recognized for their activity (presented in alphabetical order): prof. univ. Dr. Virgil Balaure (Ph.D.), Prof. Univ. Dr. Stefan Boboc (Ph.D.), Prof. Univ. Dr. Iacob Caţoiu (Ph.D.), Prof. Univ. Prof. Iulian Cetin, PhD, Ph.D. Valerică Olteanu, Ph.D. (PhD), Prof. Univ. dr. Nicolae Al. Pop (Ph.D.), prof. Dr. Nicolae Teodorescu.

Training of marketing specialists

After 1990, marketing becomes a distinct university degree in the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, as a result of the sustained activity of the leadership and the members of Catdrei Marketing.

Within the ASE Bucharest,the first marketing marketing promotion in Romania  obtained the Diploma License in 1995 at the Faculty of Commerce.

The first in-depth study programdebuts under the name”Marketing Systems“, in 1995.

Portfolio of disciplineshas substantially diversified. In 2004, this portfolio includes the following disciplines:

Marketing Marketing researches
Promotional techniques Study of consumer behaviour
International marketing Service marketing
Agribusiness marketing Business-to-business marketing
Social-politic marketing Applicative marketing programs
Logistics Information systems in marketing
Marketing forecast Managing sales forces
Tourism marketing Financial-banking marketing
Direct marketing Environmental marketing
Cibermarketing International marketing research
Public relations Qualitative marketing research
Strategic marketing Marketing of small and medium enterprises
Marketing simulations Analysis of marketing information

In 1998, two distinct routeswere created within Marketing specialization of the Faculty of Commerce, respectively“Marketing Policies”and “Marketing Research”. New curricula include disciplines taught for the first time in Romanian specialty education.

The first Masters program in Marketing at the Marketing Department starts in the academic year 2000/2001 under the title”Marketing and Business Communication“.

Within the Faculty of Marketing, it is recognized since the academic year 2003/2004,Center for Fundamental and Applied Research in Marketing, which brings together the experience of the teaching staff of the Marketing Department.

In response to the requirements of the Romanian market and in line with the trends in the international market, the Faculty of Marketing and Marketing Department diversifiedthe range of master programs, by offering three new professional programs, namely “Public Relations in Marketing“, “Strategic marketing” and “Marketing and European integration“, starting with the academic year 2004/2005