Bachelor program(remote)

The Academy of Economic Studies in general and the faculty of Marketing are particularly required in front of the other universities in the field, not only by their reputation or prestige, but rather by the way of teaching and the professionalism of the teaching staff. In fact, not the instinct qualifies you, but it recommends you, but the individual is the one who has to confirm and affirm.

At the Marketing Faculty, you learn how “business” is with promotion, sales, promotional campaigns and contests. Without thinking that the “advertiser” is doing only the companies with a lot of money and those who fail to sell their products, it is clear why all organizations are marketing.

If you are not the endless and meaningless figure of the numbers, marketing is a welcoming domain that helps you manage, even if you are a shy person, you learn to talk, listen, communicate in other words. There are also many student organizations you can join and expect to be with them.

The Marketing Faculty can create you as an individual because it helps you keep your creative and innovative spirit all the time, to be connected to society and the reality we strive for every day, and gives us the best lessons.

You will be dear to take part in Marketing courses, because it enriches you both in terms of knowledge and soul, and A Learned Man is a Better Man! Participating in distance learning, ID, can change your life for the better, especially if you encounter difficulties in the workplace or want to have a job at the same time while you have a job but to get a diploma in economics, Marketing. Courses take place both in classrooms where you will be able to meet with the “face to face” teacher, but also on the virtual environment where you can download courses, notes, case studies, problems to solve, and upload to the E-learning platform provided by the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Marketing is certainly a field of the future, and the knowledge gained through faculties will help you a lot, regardless of the route and the chosen path. Also, the faculty also proposes many “after-school” projects, which are not only fun but also very useful.