Bachelor program ENG

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Student Life at Marketing is great, especially if you have someone to have fun with. In this faculty you find your classmates and wonderful colleagues up to the talented and willing teachers to help you, but at the same time to realize interesting and future things, the subjects you will study, which will help you develop both both professionally and personally, but also through networking which in the future will prove to be more than useful and profitable.

The friendships that come together, the sleepless nights of the session and many other memories of the Roman Square, as well as the lyrics of Alifantis’ song, will remind you of them. You can apply science and imagination to achieve beautiful and great things in the Marketing faculty.

The Faculty of Marketing is different from other faculties because it is more flexible and combines both the economic and the social and creative ones.

Starting with the first year, you will have more and more interesting projects, both individually and with many projects in teams, for up to 3 to 5 students. Very soon after you begin the courses, discover that if you get to the courses, you understand the matter much better, and the vast majority of teachers are understood and explained very well. You can change opinions and opinions not only with the seminar assistant, but even with the lecturer, with the focus being on the interaction and the exchange of ideas and information so that it is a win – win collaboration.

From the second year of college, everything you study will really be just marketing, and seminars consist of teaching brilliant projects that you have to put your mind into contributing in a creative way and ideas are 100% original and own. Find out about things you never imagined to be accomplished by such a department within an organization.

As for the third year, the first semester, the subjects are just as pleasant. The visible difference from year three to the rest of the years is that teachers have more rigorous claims and you have more work for each discipline. However, the project structure is preserved at the seminar, and the projects are a bit more complicated and also more beautiful. During this last academic year, the major thoughts and concerns will be directed towards the completion of the bachelor’s thesis under the careful guidance of the coordinating professor and his colleagues who will meet you in the Marketing Projects discipline. The most important thing is to take part in this discipline but meet face to face with the coordinating professor so that the mark you take will reflect the true value of marketing knowledge during the three-year college to become a TRUE MARKETER.

Student life really means a change from adolescence to maturity. And the faculty of marketing manages to make this transition not sudden, but little by little, as it is naturally and naturally, so that the proposed goal, that is, attaining maturity and assuming responsibilities, is attained.

Marketing is certainly a field of the future, and the knowledge gained through faculties will help you a lot, regardless of the route and the chosen path. Also, the faculty proposes many “after-school” projects, which are not only fun but also very useful.

Thanks to the students who helped to make this material!