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Marketing, viewed as a field of economics, includes a set of concepts, tools, methods and techniques through which the organization evaluates the environment in which it operates (marketing research), defines objectives and develops strategies for achieving them (strategic marketing planning ), designs, implements and controls, in a socially responsible manner, operative activities (marketing programs) in order to meet the needs of consumers and maximize profit.

The set of marketing concepts, tools, methods and techniques is the subject of university courses included in the undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programs in marketing, organized, accredited and conducted in accordance with the internal and international standards, designed to develop professional, managerial and research by the marketing specialist economist. The portfolio of university marketing disciplines has naturally diversified, especially in the context of the development of the Romanian market after 1989, from only two specialty disciplines (1971) to not less than 67 (1 October 2012).

Undergraduate studies (3 years) provide essential training with consistent applicative character, which form the professional skills and abilities necessary to achieve a diverse portfolio of marketing activities. Master’s degree studies (2 years) deepen and complete basic training, providing the managerial skills indispensable to planning, coordinating and controlling the organization’s marketing activities. Doctoral studies (3 years) develop advanced scientific research skills by addressing innovative and impact directions, both nationally and internationally.

The Faculty of Marketing at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies inherits a history with many great names and good deeds, a continuous ascendant course, a patrimony of diversified study programs, recognized nationally and internationally. It is our duty to maintain everything we have achieved so far and to develop what we offer in relation to labor market expectations through appropriate capitalization of skills and talents, appropriate motivation and reward, recognition of the professional and scientific merits of each member of our community academic.

In its tenth year of existence, the Faculty of Marketing wants to be a warm, decent, open and modern space in which we all feel comfortable in an academic community dedicated to the education and training of marketing specialists as well as scientific research advanced in the field, offering the Romanian economy and society the skills and knowledge capable of sustaining their sustainable development.

Conf. univ. dr. Călin Vegheş
Dean of the Faculty of Marketing