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Valuable Contributions to Marketing Development in Romania

The emergence and development of marketing in Romania is closely linked to the scientific contributions of the team of specialists formed over time within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

This contribution has been amplified and enhanced by first creating the Marketing Department  and then by the Marketing Faculty. The didactic and research activities, the elaborated works and the organized events reflect the concern of the ASE specialists to contribute to the development of the Romanian marketing school.

The Marketing Faculty  was set up in the year 2003 by the Government Decision and represents an important moment in the development of Romanian marketing, being the first and only faculty in the country. The foundation is based on a long experience gained by the Marketing Department of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.


The Marketing Department was formed within the ESA in 1971 . His renown is linked to numerous national and international premieres:

  • The first marketing courses introduced in the curricula of Romania, were those of ASE Bucharest:
    “Marketing” şi “Marketing – conjuncture and prospecting international commodity markets
    . They represented a premiere not only for our country but also for Central and Eastern Europe.


The first Romanian academic manual in the field , under the title “Marketing”, is published in 1975, at the Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House. From the team of authors, coordinated by the late and well-respected Professor Constantin Florescu, were: D. Patriche, R. Emilian, V. Danciu, N. Al. Pop, V. Adascalitei, Gh. Dumitru and M. Ispasescu.


  • The course palette  has gradually developed so that the following specialized courses were taught in ESA in 1978: Marketing, Marketing – conjuncture and prospecting international commodity markets, Market Research Methods, Industrial Marketing.


  • Reference work “Marketing” is elaborated in 1981, under the coordination of Professor Constantin Florescu, by a team of authors composed of Al. Zamfir, D. Patriche, V. Balaure, I. Catoiu, V. Danciu, R. Emilian, N. Al. Pop, V. Olteanu and G. Stanciulescu.


  • The first Romanian participation  at the AMA Annual Conference – American Marketing Association took place in 1983, by the presentation of the scientific communication “Marketing in Romania – Theory and Practice” by Prof. Constantin Florescu and Iacob Catoiu.


After 1990 , university education in marketing has an ascending evolution in Romania. At ASE Bucharest and the Marketing Department, the evidence is multiple:

  • Recognition of marketing as distinct university specialization .


  • The award “Virgil Madgearu” of the Romanian Academy , for the year 1992, the work “Marketing”, elaborated by a team of authors of the Marketing Department, coordinated by Professor Constantin Florescu, which includes V. Balaure, Boboc, I. Catoiu, V. Olteanu, N. Al. Pop.
  • Developing the Marketing Specialization through diversifying the profile portfolio  by including some disciplines for the first time in Romania. The following subjects are taught in Marketing in the year  1995: Marketing Basics, Marketing Research, Promotional Techniques, Consumer Behavioral Study, Industrial Marketing, Agromarketing, Social and political marketing, Logistics of the goods.


  • First promotion of marketing specialists (with marketing specialization) in Romania  obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1995, at the Faculty of Commerce of ASE Bucharest.
  • The first in-depth study programis under the name ” Marketing Systems “, in 1995. The curriculum adds new courses: Communication in Marketing, Logistics of Goods, Social-Political Marketing, Comparative Marketing, Marketing Methods and Models, Marketing Expert Systems.
  • International Conference dedicated to the anniversary of “25 years of marketing education in Romania” brings together over 230 academic and business participants. 174 scientific communications were presented.


  • Representatives of the ASE Marketing Department participate in 1997 at Mangalia at the Sixth International Conference on International Marketing and Development, , “Marketing Challenges for Economies in Transition.”
  • The establishement” Marketer ” – the marketing club of the students from the marketing specialization of the Faculty of Commerce in 1997. The “Marketer Club” magazine, which was later re-published “Marketer”.


  • The creation of two distinct routes within the marketing specialization of the Faculty of Commerce, namely “Marketing Policies” and “Marketing Research” in 1998. The new curriculum includes subjects taught for the first time in the specialized university education in Romania.


  • The first Masters Degree in Marketing  of the Marketing Department starts in the academic year 2000/2001. The curriculum of the master’s program ” Marketing and Business Communication “includes new disciplines: Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Modeling, Marketing Communication – Concepts and Strategies, Communication Techniques in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing, English.

Starting with the academic year 2001-2002, this program had the largest number of students, compared to the similar programs organized in ESA.

  • Publication of a new Reference Work , entitled “Marketing”, elaborated under the supervision of Professor V. Balaure, by the following team of authors: V. Adascalitei, C. Balan, Boboc, I. Catoiu, V. Olteanu, N. Al. Pop and N. Teodorescu. The work was published in the Uranus publishing house in 2000, re-published in 2005.
  • Offering a variety of disciplines  to specialize in marketing policies and marketing research . In 2001, marketing plans from the Marketing specialization included the following subjects:
Marketing Marketing projections
Marketing researches Financial-banking marketing
Promotional techiques Touristic marketing
Study of consumer behavior Direct marketing
International marketing Marketing environment analysis
Marketing of services Research on international markets
Business-to-business marketing Qualitative marketing research
Agro-food marketing Cibermarketing
Social-political marketing Public relations
Strategic marketing Analyzing information in marketing
Information systems in marketing Marketing of small and medium enterprises
Logistics of goods Applicative marketing programs
Sales force management Marketing simulations


  • Creating a specialist book collection ” Marketing Library ” In 2001, through the cooperation between the Marketing Department and the Uranus Publishing House
  • Organizing and conducting the International Conference  “Marketing in the Economic and Social Development Process 1971 – 2001: 30 Years of Marketing in Romania” in 2001. The Conference was organized by the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Commerce at ASE Bucharest.

2002 – 2003

  • In the year 2002, the publication “Marketing Research , elaborated under the coordination of Professor I. Catoiu, by a team of authors which includes: C. Balan, T. Daneţiu, IC Popescu, Gh. Orzan, C. Veghes, D. Vrânceanu
  • Center for Fundamental and Applied Research in Marketing  CEMARK ) , next to the Marketing Department of the ASE Marketing Faculty in the 2003/2004 academic year.

2004 – 2005

At present, the Faculty of Marketing offers programs to develop knowledge and skills in marketing at different levels:

a. University degree studies, field of marketing specialization
a.1. Education with campus presence, duration 3 years
a.2. Distance learning, duration 3 years
b. Postgraduate studies
b.1. Masters of deepening
b.2. Complementary masters
b.3. Doctoral school

The establishment of the Faculty of Marketing coincided with the period in which the complex process of restructuring the university studies was carried out in Romania and at European level in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Agreement.