Mission, Aim, Objectives

-Mission of the Faculty of Marketing-

Faculty of marketing aims to:

  • maintain the leading position in the field of marketing education in Romania, based on the experience of over four decades of the Romanian marketing school
  • to provide education and training in the field of marketing through programs centered on the student, oriented towards the training of skills and qualifications required on the labor market;
  • to become a reference pole for advanced research in the field of marketing in Romania and a significant scientific presence on the international level;
  • to promote marketing, together with universities and representatives of the economic, social and business environment, for the sustainable development of the Romanian economy and society.

Objectives of the Faculty of Marketing for the period 2012-2016

Faculty of marketing aims to:

  • to provide education and training of specialists, managers and researchers in the field of marketing through accredited programs of undergraduate, masters and doctoral studies, dynamically adapted to the requirements of employers
  • to facilitate through the skills and qualifications formed and to support, by means of partnerships with the economic and business environment, the insertion in the labor market of graduates of undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programs in marketing;
  • to participate in the realization of scientific research projects whose results contribute to the development of the science of marketing and serve the Romanian economy and society;
  • to develop partnerships with the departments and faculties of the Romanian and foreign universities in order to collaborate in educational and / or scientific research projects;
  • to initiate partnerships with entities from the Romanian economic, social and business environment, aiming to cooperate for the development of study programs, to facilitate the insertion of graduates into the labor market, to provide knowledge and know-how.

The values defining the vision of the Marketing Faculty are as follows:

  • Community Priority: The satisfaction of every member of our academic community is top priority. When each student, teacher or member of the administrative staff is satisfied with his professional present and will look optimistically at his outlook, we will have a united, motivated and involved academic community, a solid faculty and a strong university.
  • We build ,
    not demolish
    The Faculty of Marketing inherits a history with many great names and good deeds, a continuous ascending course, a portfolio of diversified study programs and national recognition. We have an obligation to maintain everything we have achieved so far and to develop sustainably what we offer in relation to labor market expectations and taking into account the resources we have.
  • Cooperation and partnership: The development of our faculty is based on close cooperation with the Department of Marketing, other departments and faculties of the Academy of Economic Studies, partnership with other higher education institutions in the country and abroad, with private business entities, public institutions or non-governmental organizations .
  • Open and dialog: The open attitude and the desire to engage in honest and constructive dialogue is the support of the cooperation and partnership relations of our faculty: any sustainable initiative that benefits the members of our academic community, our faculty and our university is welcome and we will get involved in its realization.
  • We have a law, lets respect it: We have a National Education Law, a Charter of the Academy of Economic Studies and our own regulations. We have an obligation to know, respect and apply them, but equally we are entitled to initiate and actively participate in changing them, in accordance with the interests of the academic community in our faculty and university.

By paying attention to every member of the academic community, then to the faculty and, last but not least, to our university, through cooperation and partnership, with all the necessary openness, through dialogue with interested partners and respecting the law, we will succeed in building instead of demolishing.